Comics Review – Captain America #1

Rick Remender has taken over Captain America for it’s relaunched seventh volume, and IT IS AMAZING! Sorry I had to shout. But Remender has taken Marvel’s ageless super soldier and dropped him into the Fear Agent-esque dystopian other-worldly hellscape that is Dimension Z.

The issue begins with Steve Rogers’ stereotypical, overall wearing, 1920’s, drunken Irish father delivering a traumatic, just off-panel beating to Steve’s mother – all to set up the root of Captain America’s resilience. This quickly segues to a crashing B-52, a eco-terrorist Red Skull rip-off, the threat of an omega fertilizer turning everyone in New York City into seed starter, a daring escape, sexy ladies, and a well-timed quip. And that’s just the first issue  set-up for anyone not familiar with Captain America. See, it’s amazing.

The plot starts in earnest when Cap and his girlfriend, S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Sharon Carter, are off to investigate a mysterious subway train that runs on an unused track and can only be accessed via passwords and armed guards. It turns out the subway is an extremely elaborate trap for Captain America, and it and it’s alien passangers capture Cap as it hurdles to the strange Dimension Z. Steve is knocked unconscious and when he comes to he finds himself strapped to an table by Arnim Zola, his super soldier blood being stolen. Did I mention the super soldier blood is being pumped into a  weird baby floating in a jar? AMAZING!

Steve breaks loose, fights his way out of the techno-compound he finds himself in, jumps out a window, and escapes in a stolen spaceship. Zola’s convinced that Cap killed the baby, revealed to be Zola’s son, sends his Mutates of Zolandia after our hero. Captain America crawls from the wreckage to reveal that he’s got the baby. Cap has Zola’s son, but Zola has a daughter as well.

Captain America and Arnim Zola’s bio-engineered son as Lone Wolf and Cub in Dimension Z fighting the Mutates of Zolandia by Rick Remender and John Romita Jr. This is going to be great. Yes, we’ve seen a similar set-up recently with Cable and baby Hope hoping through the future. But this feels different. Now we’re dealing with an iconic Marvel character thrown into an utterly unfamiliar setting. Written by the man who brought you Fear Agent, Frankencastle, and an X-Force book that was actually good. And full of the square-jawed punch ups that JRJR is so good at drawing. This is going to be up there with Grendel Prime or Judge Dredd in the Cursed Earth. I can feel it in my bones.


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