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Comics Review – Captain America #1

Rick Remender has taken over Captain America for it’s relaunched seventh volume, and IT IS AMAZING! Sorry I had to shout. But Remender has taken Marvel’s ageless super soldier and dropped him into the Fear Agent-esque dystopian other-worldly hellscape that is Dimension Z. The issue begins with Steve Rogers’ stereotypical, overall wearing, 1920’s, drunken Irish father delivering […]

Comics Review – Avengers #34

In Brian Michael Bendis’ last issue of Avengers, he finishes putting back all the pieces he broke in the beginning of his run. Hawkeye, the Vision, and the Scarlet Witch have already returned from the dead, and now the Wasp and Wonder Man are back in the fold as well.  You could say he’s tying […]

Hickman’s FF Prologue – Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #1

Before Jonathan Hickman started his 3 year run on the Fantastic Four, he was tasked with writing a miniseries tying in the FF with Marvel’s Dark Reign event. At the time, the ongoing Fantastic Four series was still being handle by Mark Millar and, since it’s not really part of the Avengers or X-Men stables, […]

Hickman’s FF – An Introduction

The Fantastic Four is “The World’s Greatest Comics Magazine” as long as there is a top-flight creative team behind it. Unfortunately, this often is not the case. Marvel’s first family has been struggling for relevance for years. Ever since the famous Waid/Wieringo run of a decade ago, the title had been floundering about, with creative […]

Comic Convention Thoughts

Last month I attended my first large-scale comic convention in a while. Although I’ve been attending conventions for over 20 years now (oh gods!), I am now the kind of comics hipster who is more likely to attend TCAF or go to The Beguiling to get his comics fix. The 2012 Fan Expo in Toronto was my […]